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"It's that f***king dog s**t axe!" - Quin69 lashes out as his Valheim deathless run comes to an end

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On January 22, Twitch streamer Quintin "Quin69" dedicated a livestream to playing Valheim. He decided to do a deathless run, which significantly increased the difficulty of the survival game.The challenge was cut short when he was killed by a pack of wolves.

Quin69 lashed out on stream after dying, claiming that his axe was the cause of his death in the game. He remarked:Quin69 embarked on his Valheim deathless run during his latest livestream on January 16, 2023, and was on his second attempt.

For context, a deathless run of the game required the streamer to delete the character as well as the world whenever he was killed.Quintin was exploring a zone and fighting a drake at the 03:48 mark of his January 22 livestream.

Things started to take a turn when a pack of wolves started hunting him. Seeing this, the content creator started panicking and stated:The streamer's strategy didn't seem to work, as wolves pinned him down and managed to kill him.

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