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IShowSpeed Swatted and Handcuffed During YouTube Livestream

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Swatting is not a particularly new phenomenon. The term itself emerged some time in the mid-2000s, but the basic premise of a prank 911 call goes back decades.

While some countries have taken steps to criminalize these dangerous pranks, they continue to be a semi-regular occurrence. And although victims can include both private citizens and public figures of all kinds, streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube seem to be popular targets.YouTube streamer IShowSpeed is one of the latest online personalities to fall victim to a Swatting incident.

Known for his chaotic live streams, the YouTuber has about 10.5 million subscribers, over 3 million of which saw him handcuffed live by the Cincinnati police officers on August 8th.MrBeast Uploads Secret YouTube Video After Passing 100 Million SubscribersMany of IShowSpeed’s over 10 million fans tuned in for a live stream titled “wtf” on Monday.

However, viewers were surprised to see the YouTuber handcuffed and surrounded by three Cincinnati police officers instead of his usual antics.

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