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Is The Real Kang Going To Be Loki Season 2's Villain Now?

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In hindsight, Loki season 1 was the true beginning of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga, and there are enough setups for Kang The Conqueror to be season 2’s main villain before opposing the Avengers.

While Doctor Strange introduced the concept of a multiverse in 2016, it was only after Loki season 1 that the MCU started to use the multiverse as a synonym for alternate universes and infinite possibilities.

Loki season 1's multiverse dive was followed by other multiverse-related Marvel's Phase 4 movies and shows, and now everything is set to be paid off with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars at the end of Phase 6.

In the MCU, the concepts of time travel, alternate timelines, and alternate universes have been combined to make it easier for the franchise to translate Marvel’s multiverse to the big screen.

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