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"Is she the streamer who scammed her fans...?": Social media reacts as Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty gets banned from platform

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Controversial streamer Kiaraakitty has received her fourth ban from Twitch, as reported by the automated ban tracker StreamerBans on January 22.

The bot's post on Twitter has garnered a lot of attention, with responses from fans supporting the suspension.The content creator is known to play a lot of different games on her streams, such as GTA and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

However, she is primarily a Just Chatting streamer who also does quite a bit of IRL content and traveling. Incidentally, according to her Twitter posts, her last stream before the ban was about hiking in Taipei.As news of the suspension spread across social media, Redditors from r/LivestreamFail started talking about the streamer, with many bringing up Kiaraakitty's past controversies, including claims of her 'scamming' people.

One community member wrote:With that out of the way, it's time to look into why she was suspended.Livestreaming is a form of entertainment that is different from other standard video-based content partly because of how unfiltered it is.

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