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"I want to mix things up a bit"- MrBeast reveals that he wants people outside of the US to participate in his videos

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The famous YouTube personality and influencer Jimmy "MrBeast" hopped on Twitter to reveal that he intends to invite people outside of the United States to participate in upcoming videos.After he announced that he would be providing viewers with a chance to be featured in a future video, fans flocked in from various countries to express their desire to participate.Some fans wondered why the influencer only wanted fans outside the US to apply.

He replied by saying:As expected, Jimmy's tweet immediately went viral on the social media platform, attracting more than 2.1k replies and 26k likes within seven hours of it being posted.Fans were elated to hear that the YouTuber wanted viewers and subscribers outside the US to participate in upcoming videos.

Several Twitter users expressed their interest by replying to the thread:Some fans mentioned that they felt left out after only seeing participants from the US in his videos.

They were grateful for the opportunity to apply:There were plenty of humorous replies to the YouTuber's call to action. A fan sarcastically stated that they were from Kentucky and had submitted the application form.Some Twitter users took this as an opportunity to criticize the content creator's recent content:Fans continue to reply to the philanthropist's tweet as many of them look forward to getting featured in an upcoming project.Fans interested in being featured in the YouTuber's upcoming video projects can fill out and submit the form attached to the MrBeast tweet embedded at the beginning of the article.The Google Form consists of a total of 18 questions, and it asks fans basic questions such as their name, email address, if they are currently subscribed to the YouTuber's channel, if they have a valid

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