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"I just feel completely lied to": OTK streamer Emiru breaks down while talking about CrazySlick on stream

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The only female member of OTK, Emily "Emiru," couldn't stop her tears while discussing CrazySlick, a streamer who has been accused of se*ual harassment on social media.

The controversy took the streaming world by storm after TrainwrecksTV accused Mizkif of covering up a case of se*ual harassment by his friend and roommate CrazySlick.With the victim coming forward with her claims again and various chats from the alleged harasser being circulated on the internet, Emiru, who considered the accused streamer a friend, broke down while discussing how it has affected her.At the start of today's stream, she started talking about how she felt betrayed by a person she considered a good friend, and she couldn't keep her composure while describing how horrible she felt after she saw the screenshots:The recent accusations against CrazySlick are heavily tied to Mizkif and his role in what TrainwrecksTV called a "cover up" in his tweets a couple of days ago.

The two streamers were in a heated debate on Twitter about the #Twitchstopgambling trend, which had become widespread on social media and was started by streamers such as Mizkif and Pokimane.

The backlash eventually got slots and roullete banned from Twitch.But before that, TrainwrecksTV and Mizkif clashed online, and the former hit back at the OTK founder with a tweet in which he insinuated that the Austin native had covered up a se* crime committed by his friend.

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