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"I just don't understand the correlation" - xQc addresses BruceDropEmOff's strong comments following his exit from OTK

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Twitch star Felix "xQc" returned to his Twitch channel on January 26 to host a gaming livestream. Before beginning his gameplay, the content creator addressed the comments made by former One True King (OTK) member Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" following his departure from the streamer organization.After hearing the latter say that he did not want to be seen as the "Black person who would carry them (OTK) to triumph," the former paused the video and spent some time talking about the statement.While expressing his sentiments on the matter, the French-Canadian personality stated:xQc reacted to BruceDropEmOff's video during the initial hours of his January 26 livestream, in which the latter explained why he decided to part ways with OTK.

He stated:xQc paused the video and took the opportunity to express his views about the aforementioned statement. He remarked:Timestamp: 01:18:30The 27-year-old streamer continued, stating that he did not see any logical connections in the statements made by BruceDropEmOff.

He added:According to xQc, those who were responsible in OTK took the blame, but the rest of the members of the organization didn't have to deal with any negative consequences.

He stated:xQc's take was the top post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with the reaction thread amassing over 425 fan reactions.

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