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How to win as a Demon or Deadite in Evil Dead: The Game

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Playing as the Kandarian Demon in Evil Dead: The Game is an intricate and layered affair. One moment you are playing a tense and strategic game of invisible cat versus heavily-armed mice, the next you are having an absolutely mindless powertrip as your chosen Demon’s avatar, pummeling Survivors aside and blasting them with eldritch abilities.

You get to be an omniscient warlord and a brutal raid boss, all in the span of a single match. In this guide, we will outline key tips and mechanics you can exploit to win as the Kandarian Demon in Evil Dead: The Game.

Farm the map Throughout any Evil Dead: The Game match and especially in the first half, your job as the Kandarian Demon is to get strong.

You may not always be in proximity of the Survivors so you can engage them, but you will always be within reach of static traps, loot crates, and objects or Deadites you can possess.

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