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How to use an Amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage

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The 17th and latest entry in the iconic franchise, Fire Emblem Engage is strategic role-playing title from Japanese video game giant, Nintendo.

Developer Intelligent Systems has crafted a world that is unique but nostalgic as the entry brings back classic staples.As is the case with most first-party Nintendo titles, Engage also allows players to use Amiibos to unlock several in-game content that is otherwise not acquirable.This guide will detail everything they need to know about using an Amiibo in the game.Note: Minor spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage will follow.

Viewer discretion is advisable.The steps to unlock these Amiibo locked items are rather straightforward:Amiibos in Fire Emblem Engage primarily unlock Fashion and Music Tickets.

To view items that you have unlocked, simply select the Outfits/Songs option in the Amiibo Gazebo menu in Somniel and exchange your tickets to complete the purchase.There are, however, two basic tiers of Amiibos in Engage - the regular, non-Fire Emblem Amiibos will unlock only Music and Fashion tickets, along with additional items such as Elixirs.

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