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How to recruit Lapis in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage launched to great fanfare worldwide on January 20, 2023. The tactical turn-based role-playing game sees players step into the shoes of Alear, a Divine Dragon awakened to lead the fight against forces aiming to resurrect the tyrannical Fell Dragon after its fall a thousand years ago.Aside from Alear, players can also command several new additions to the party, known as units.

These characters have a diverse and colorful palette of personalities that bring the game to life.This article focuses on how players can recruit Lapis in the game’s campaign.Lapis will automatically join Alear during the events of Chapter 7 in Dark Emblem along with Citrinne and Alcryst, after a brief misunderstanding where they mistake Alear’s party for bandits near the border.The meeting is followed by a short battle, and Lapis can be called upon in battle to aid you from that point on.Lapis is a Royal Knight and the Retainer of Alcryst, the second prince of Brodia.

Trained to survive as a hunter, Lapis is shown to have immense physical strength despite her small stature. She is also described by the game to be “a good natured and kind person”, but often lacks self confidence.She is voiced by Kimberly Woods and Tomoyo Takayanagi for the game's English and Japanese voiceovers, respectively.Lapis is a sword fighter and has the following base stats and skills in-game:Fire Emblem Engage is the latest and seventeenth entry in the long-running, iconic Fire Emblem franchise.

Developer Intelligent Systems has crafted a brand new world where players can take control of Alear, the Divine Dragon as they lead forces against the rise of the Fell Dragon.Players can call upon past Heroes using the Engage mechanic, which is new to the series.

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