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How to get Genshin Impact Stellar Union event: How to trigger it and Reward list

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Genshin Impact is a game of attrition that demands a lot of grinding if players want to have enough resources and summons for the characters and weapons.Players with a more casual approach might take a few days off, which can hamper their game's progress.

Fortunately for those who return to the game after a break of many days, at least 14 or more will receive an exclusive event called Stellar Reunion.

This is an event created by officials to assist players who have returned to the game and reward them with primogems and other resources.This article will explain everything players need to know about the Stellar Reunion event and its rewards in Genshin Impact.The Stellar Reunion event is an excellent addition to Genshin Impact in the patch 1.2 update.

The goal was to assist players with special rewards for returning to Genshin Impact.Keep in mind that there is an eligibility criteria for the Stellar Reunion event to trigger for players.

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