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How to fix error code 6 in The Cycle: Frontier

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The Cycle: Frontier is a new looter shooter, courtesy of the developer YAGER, though its launch hasn't been perfect. For example, some players are experiencing a particular error code when attempting to log in to the game.This particular error is known as error code 6 and has been causing a fair share of headaches for The Cycle: Frontier's player base.

It has effectively stonewalled them from entering the game and enjoying it at all. This occurred most often during the game's official launch, and naturally, players began to diagnose the problem on their own while they waited for a fix.According to the free-to-play shooter's player base, error code 6 appears to be connected to the status of the game's servers.

The full error's text in logs and in menus is "LOGIN FAILED: A network failure occurred. Error code 6." While this is vague at best, the game's community deduced that the code emerges when the servers are down for one reason or another.Like many online games, The Cycle: Frontier's servers occasionally need to be taken offline for fixes and updates.

Developers at YAGER have confirmed as much on social media, which should be expected for nearly any online title. However, this error is still quite inconvenient to stumble upon unknowingly.

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