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How to find Desmodus in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur

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Ark: Survival Evolved has a massive roster of primal animals and dinosaurs to domesticate, including the Desmodus Draculae bat in the DLC Fjordur map.

This huge winged mammal is much more intimidating than your average bat, and taming it won't be easy.Before Ark: Survival Evolved players tame Desmodus for themselves, they'll need to find it within Fjordur.

Like ordinary bats, Desmodus Draculae prefer dark caves where they can rest suspended upside-down. If the location seems like it might be a nice nesting place for a bat, there's a chance that players may be able to find Desmodus there as well.When searching for Desmodus in Fjordur, the huge map can make things tricky.

However, this particular creature has a few areas of repute where it can almost always be found. Furthermore, these locations don't spawn any other animal species, making players who approach almost certain to find Desmodus instead of getting bogged down by other animal life.

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