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How to earn a Legendary Ship Title in Sea of Thieves

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The Captaincy update for Sea of Thieves Season 7 truly lets players become pirates of legend. Players are able to captain their own ships and give it a name that suits the life of a pirate.

The captain and the named ship have the chance to reach infamy, like Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge.This can all happen with a little help from a Legendary Ship Title.

This can be obtained when any Captain's Logbook Milestone Alignment for a captained ship reaches a Class level of 50.Players need to purchase either a Sloop, Brig, or Galleon with the Captaincy update.

They then need to name the ship and set sail with it to begin the process of earning the Legendary Ship Title.Any captained ship will have the Captain's Logbook available in the captain's quarters.

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