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How to Defeat Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive

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As players progress through Digimon Survive, they will face the mini-boss Cyclonemon in Part 3. Players will find this formidable foe on a bridge just after their battle with Arukenimon in Part 3, and they will need to fend off minor enemies in addition to the boss.

Players should ensure that their party of Digimon fights as a unit because any lone Digimon is likely to be picked off easily by the boss.

To prepare for the fight, players should bring their strongest Digimon that can take advantage of Cyclonemon's weaknesses. Cyclonemon's primary weakness is electricity, so players should use a Betamon in Digimon Survive or one of its evolutions if they have one.

In order to add a Betamon to their team, players will need to find and befriend one. Players will encounter one as early as Part 1 in the Free Bat area within the School.

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