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How RPG master Obsidian built backyard survival game Grounded with its community's help

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Grounded was always meant to be shaped by its community - director Adam Brennecke told me as much nearly three years ago when the game was first announced.

But the size of that community and the suggestions they'd bring to the (picnic) table exceeded Obsidian's expectations. In the two years it's been in Early Access, the small Obsidian team that's been working on it has learned a lot.

Most of those learnings have come from a dedicated player base that's been molding Grounded since July 2020, offering suggestions on everything from gameplay additions, quality-of-life updates, and UI tweaks.

Now, with Grounded 1.0 set to launch on September 27, Obsidian is finally ready to hand those players - and a whole host of new ones - a mostly final version of their survival game.

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