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How League of Legends' upcoming Valentine's Day skins are getting "Catvi" fans excited for Arcane Season 2

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Since the release of League of Legends' popular Netflix series Arcane, fans have wondered when they will see more content for Vi and Caitlyn, a popular League of Legends femslash ship that has grown swiftly.Now that Valentine's Day is around the corner, romance is finally coming to the Summoners Rift, ending the wait.

Riot has revealed new Heartthrob and Heartache skins that will feature Vi and Caitlyn alongside the lonely mummy Amumu.These new Valentine's Day skins will have a groovier aesthetic than the previous sets, thanks to some fresh visuals and peppy sound effects by Riot devs.Although the new skins are pretty interesting, the focus will be squarely on the interactions between Piltover's favorite enforcer pair "CatVi," who include a small but sweet Arcane-based Easter egg that can be observed during their recall animations.Vi, for instance, tries to wrench open the pink locker door when it appears behind her as she begins her recall.

She turns to utilize her Hextech gauntlets after failing to open the locker using more conventional methods and leaves a cute little heart-shaped card on the top shelf next to a cupcake.Caitlyn's recall animation shows her opening the pink locker Vi had previously clobbered open as she waved goodbye to some pals.

Inside, the identical cupcake is visible next to the Valentine's Day card, indicating that Vi left Caitlyn a small gift for the occasion.The Sheriff of Piltover grabs the card and hugs it before swiftly slamming the door shut to see if anyone is watching.Amumu, on the other hand, has no luck with his romantic pursuits.

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