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HBO Announces Season 4 of Barry Is In Production

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Barry is just getting started. HBO has revealed that the dark comedy/drama is entering production on its fourth and final season.

The series concluded its third season in June with “starting now”, an emotional rollercoaster that saw Barry outdone by Mr. Cousineau (Henry Winkler) and the late Detective Moss’s father (Robert Wisdom).

The finale ended with Barry (Bill Hader) being carted away to prison after finally being caught for his crimes. Last week, at the Primetime Emmy Awards, Henry Winkler also revealed that the series’ fourth season will be its last.Work on the fourth season has now been confirmed to be underway.

HBO tweeted out an image of series co-creator Bill Hader and Winkler on stage as the former directs the latter. The photo was captioned, “The show must go on.

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