Hand Of Fate devs’ new tactics game is XCOM with superheroes

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If you were fond of roguelike deck-building RPG Hand Of Fate and its sequel then you might be interested in the newly revealed superhero tactics RPG Capes.

It’s in development at Spitfire Interactive, a freshly founded studio made up of former Hand Of Fate devs. None of the characters in the trailer seem to be wearing their blankets around their shoulders, but it’s worth a watch all the same.

Launching in early 2023, Capes is set in a city that was taken over by supervillains 15 years ago. The aim of the game is to train up a new generation of rookie heroes and take back the town from the various nefarious crims.

Spitfire say you’ll be able to combine superhero moves to take bad guys down, while moving around levels strategically in a turn-based tactical fashion.

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