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Gundam Evolution guide: What are the game modes available?

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Gundam Evolution has three game modes to play at launch, though this number could change in future updates. Each mode has its own requirements for success and plays differently from the others.

In Gundam Evolution, players team up to do battle while piloting a litany of powerful, massive mobile suits. Representing a plethora of Mobile Suit Gundam franchises, each suit has its own strengths and weaknesses while having special attacks and weapons.Point Capture in Gundam Evolution divides the players into a team of Attackers and Defenders.The Attackers’ goal is to claim the Objective before the Time Limit runs down.

Of course, the Defenders’ goal is to protect the objective. This Gundam Evolution mode has two rounds before the roles switch for another two rounds.If the Attackers capture the first point, a second will open up, which will also change the launch area for the Attacking squad.At the end of the match, whoever has the most points wins.

If there’s a tie on points, it goes to the team with the highest Suppression Rate. If somehow, this is also the same number, the match will be a draw.If both teams have secured both objectives, the match will continue into Overtime.

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