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God of War PC Port Developer Making Live-Service Game Based on a Sony IP

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God of War's PC port was well-received, and its success has seemingly led to Sony entrusting its developer, Jetpack Interactive, with another game.God of War's PC port features UltraWide support, DLSS, Ray Tracing, FSR support, and much more, but on top of everything else, it clearly treated Sony's God of War IP right.Sony has a handful of premium IPs, most of which have defined gaming in some way, even those that are not currently «active.» Sony's trust in «loaning» out these IPs is not easily earned, but because of God of War's success on PC, Sony has reportedly assisted Jetpack in staffing up and contracted the studio to make a live-service game based on one of its flagship IPs.5 PlayStation Characters Who Got Massive Power Boosts in SequelsJetpack Interactive recently updated its LinkedIn page, as reported by Exputer, stating it was embarking on a new live service title for Sony.

Its «About» section also states that it's working on one of Sony's flagship IPs within its live-service portfolio. For anyone unfamiliar, Sony has been ramping up its live-service portfolio and intends to release several live-service games over the next few years.

Part of this is related to Sony's acquisition of Bungie, as many still hold Destiny 2 to the gold standard of live-service games, and that's certainly the quality Sony wants out of all its games.However, it's uncertain if this is a new IP within said live-service portfolio or if this is the case of taking one of Sony's long-established IPs and making a live-service game for it.

The latter seems the most likely since much of the language like «flagship» and «prized» would suggest that it's something already beloved by fans.

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