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Genshin Impact Fan Gifted Real-Life Dawn Winery Bottle for Birthday

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The Dawn Winery is a source of pride for many of Mondstadt's populous in Genshin Impact. Mondstadt culture is enriched by the presence of dandelion wine and Diluc Ragnvindr is the inheritor of the Dawn Winery legacy.

A Genshin Impact fan is gifted with a Dawn Winery bottle for birthday festivities, bringing the signature Mondstadt product to the real world.Dawn Winery is located on the outskirts of Mondstadt in Windhail Highland, an area bordering the Liyue hillside.

The Ragnvindr Clan has owned the Dawn Winery for several generations, turning the once humble manor into the chief winery in all of Mondstadt.

Diluc stepped up as the winery's owner following the death of his father, Crepus, four years ago. Diluc is an enigmatic character in Genshin Impact with a severe dislike for wine despite his stellar reputation amongst Mondstadt wine enthusiasts.

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