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Fortnite Update Changes Appearance of Pixel Pilot Glider

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Epic Games has updated Fortnite to enter Chapter 3 Season 4, and that has resulted in the changing appearance of the Pixel Pilot Glider from the Season 10 Battle Pass.

The Pixel Pilot has been a part of Fortnite since 2019, but the changes made to the glider in Chapter 3 Season 4 show that even the classic battle pass cosmetics aren't beyond updates to design regardless of how much time has elapsed.The Pixel Pilot Glider was first introduced to Fortnite with the Season 10 battle pass, and although many fans have had it since then, its aesthetic has been adjusted remarkably in a new patch.

Among the changes brought to Fortnite with Chapter 3 Season 4 is an unexpected alteration to the Pixel Pilot Glider that makes it less flashy as players glide toward the surface of the battle royale island with it.

Reddit user Gameboyb0t recently shared an image from their Fortnite cosmetics options which showcase some major changes to the Pixel Pilot that leave it looking very unfamiliar to the original counterpart.Fortnite Bug Removes All Water from Battle Royale MapGameboyb0t's Fortnite screenshot shows their selected Zyg locker bundle, which uses the Pixel Pilot Glider, Gameplan Back Bling, Grrizzy Gooper Harvesting Tool, and one weapon wrap across the board.

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