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Former Blizzard Manager Opens Up About Being Fired for Protesting Ranking System

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World of Warcraft Classic co-lead software engineer Brian Birmingham has claimed he was terminated from Blizzard for protesting a forced employee ranking system.As first reported by Bloomberg, Birmingham sent an email to his former colleagues saying he was terminated after revealing his intentions to resign instead of deeming certain staff members inadequate to fill a quota.

Birmingham said in a Twitter thread (below) that he didn't share the email himself but "[believes] the quotes are accurate".The "stack ranking" system asks managers to rank their employees under different labels, with the poorer "developing" status potentially affecting bonus money, raises, and promotions in the near future.

Birmingham claimed that Blizzard managers, under parent company Activision Blizzard King (ABK), were forced to place 5% of their employees in this "developing" category.I wasn't intending to make this public, but apparently its in the news already, so I'd at least like to set the record straight.

I am no longer an employee of Blizzard Entertainment, though I would return if allowed to, so that I could fight the stack-ranking policy from inside.Birmingham said he refused to drop some staff from a "successful" category to "developing" in order to hit this quota, and also refused to work until the policy had been revoked.

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