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First-person vs third-person in Modern Warfare 2: Which playstyle is best suited for you

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Modern Warfare 2 recently opened the 'Early Access' gates for fans who pre-ordered the highly anticipated game. Activision boasts a brand new addition to their latest franchise entry, with Modern Warfare 2 now featuring a third-person perspective option.This addition of a third-person view mode, along with the default first-person perspective, is making waves within the Call of Duty Community.

Many players are already experimenting with the new third-person mode to better understand the differences and gameplay mechanics involved.This article will discuss the first-person and third-person modes in-depth and reveal which playstyles work better with each of them.The latest Call of Duty title has a separate third-person view mode in-game for players interested in trying it out.

Selecting it changes the viewing perspective for different game modes and matches the player with others who have chosen the same option.The first-person view is the classic Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 perspective that has been present in the Call of Duty saga for years.

It allows players to experience the game through the eyes of their in-game characters. The camera angles are situated at the head level, enabling players to only see their hands while looking forward.For both new and veteran Call of Duty players, this is the only perspective they have experienced since the beginning of the franchise.

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