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Modern Warfare 2 Beta : The best meta loadout for the Lachmann-762

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The Beta access for Modern Warfare 2 on PC and Xbox has recently gone live, and a higher percentage of players can finally access the game.Despite teeming with several issues, especially in the case of the PC port, the multiplayer aspect of the Modern Warfare 2 beta is something that the Call of Duty community has wholeheartedly welcomed.The second week of the game's beta access brings in a new level cap for this phase, allowing players to get their hands on new items and weapons.

One such gun that has been made available to the players is the Lachmann-762 battle rifle, and this powerful weapon can already be seen causing havoc at the hands of its users.However, the default gun has its fair share of cons, and players must equip the firearm with proper attachments if they wish to extract the maximum potential from this battle rifle.

This article will provide the best attachment setup for the gun currently accessible in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.Lachmann-762 is the battle rifle counterpart of the FSS Recon from the M4 tech tree of Modern Warfare 2.

This rifle equates to the G3 from Modern Warfare 2019.Despite having a worse recoil and damage than the FSS Recon, the Lachmann-762 does sport a higher rate of fire and magazine size.

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