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Fans go wild as xQc talks to Tony Hawk's son on Twitch livestream, gets invited to skate with him

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Felix "xQc" recently did an IRL skating stream that went viral with fans and stunned them again by talking to skating legend Tony Hawk's son Keegan Hawk, who turned out to be a subscriber.The conversation immediately turned to skating, with Keegan Hawk inviting xQc to do a skate stream with him in San Diego at his private indoor skatepark.

To which the streamer enthusiastically replied:Furthermore, it appears that the indoor skate park may have actually been used by Tony Hawk for some of his more complicated stunts.The former Overwatch pro has shown off his skateboarding skills a couple of times in the past.

But his IRL stream four days ago, where he bought a brand new board and proceeded to skate for hours, was quite popular with fans.For anybody remotely familiar with American skating culture, Tony Hawk is a legend and an inspiration.

Almost an hour into his stream, Felix was watching Forsen try to beat this Minecraft speedrun time and wanted to "interview" someone when someone in chat claimed they were Tony's sons.After some verification and technical difficulties, it turned out that the chatter was Keegan Hawk, who promptly invited xQc to his father's skatepark in San Diego:The streamer was taken aback by the proposition, but Tony Hawk's son was quite excited at the prospect, stating:Timestamp 1:02:21After having some issues with the mic, Keegan again reiterated his invitation:This time xQc asked him if he had any special spots to skate in:To his delight, the answer was in the affirmative:xQc appeared to know the location from the Tony Hawk videos he'd watched and replied with a specific modification that had been made years ago to confirm the skate park.

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