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Fan Art Combines Pokemon and Harry Potter

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Pokemon fans like to mix Nintendo's legendary series with other franchises. This has led to great pieces by artists showing their love for both the RPGs and other games, books, and movies.

Pokemon crossover art is a great way for gamers to show their love for multiple fandoms through one bit of art.One series that fans have crossed Pokemon with is Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling's books took the world by storm, leading to a number of films and spin-offs films, becoming a big part of pop culture.

Harry Potter is still going strong, especially with a new game called Hogwart's Legacy releasing sometime in 2022, and is a perfect franchise to mix up with Pokemon.RELATED: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Their Own Starter Shiny VariantsAn artist known as Darthdoodles posted a piece that they had drawn combining Pokemon with Harry Potter.

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