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Fact Check: Does Hi-Fi Rush have multiplayer and co-op experiences?

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The Xbox Developer Direct event was packed with exciting news for Game Pass subscribers, with the release of the highly-anticipated game Hi-Fi Rush being a major highlight of the show.The latest title by Tango Gameworks is now live on Microsoft’s subscription service, and players will be able to try it out on the Xbox Sriies X/S and PC via Steam as well as Game Pass.Hi-Fi Rush is an action rhythm game that boasts stunning visuals in both its art style and world design.

The combat system is also incredibly unique, featuring a dynamic link between the music and the character's moveset, allowing for an increase in combos and more intense gameplay as the music ramps up.This is one of the reasons why there are so many in the community who are looking forward to trying out the game.

However, some players are curious about the presence of multiplayer or co-op features in the game.Unfortunately, as of now, Hi-Fi Rush does not have any online or local co-op features that players will be able to enjoy, and it’s highly unlikely that the developers will introduce it any time soon.Those who were looking to try out Hi-Fi Rush with a friend will be disappointed to learn that the game does not boast a co-op or multiplayer feature that they can try out.

It’s also unlikely that Tango Gameworks will add this feature in the coming years as the title is built around a single-player experience.In the game, players take on the role of Chai, who is the victim of a corporate experiment.

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