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Elon Musk Explains Why He Won't Make Video Game Console to Compete With PlayStation and Xbox

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Elon Musk is extremely online and very willing to be a part of conversations related to technology of all sorts.

That includes topics related to video games, as he's previously discussed his favorite games, his Elden Ring build, and other topics on social media.

A recent gaming-related focus of Musk's is bringing Steam to Tesla vehicles so that they can be played on the dashboard. That idea has since led to Musk being asked whether he'd be interested in creating his own video game console.Musk was participating in a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast when he was asked whether he'd be interested in creating a video game console.

Musk is clearly a fan of video games, has an incredible amount of wealth, and has strong enough opinions to know how to differentiate his own console next to a PlayStation or Xbox.

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