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Elden Ring Update 1.06 is a Game Changer for PvP and Co-Op Multiplayer

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FromSoftware's Elden Ring has proven to be a massive success. To date, it is both the highest-rated new video game release of the year, and the best-selling game of 2022.

Even so, there's always room for improvement, and FromSoftware has continued to release Elden Ring updates in an attempt to make the game even better.

Elden Ring update 1.06 is available now, and it is a game changer for those that enjoy PvP and co-op multiplayer.After downloading Elden Ring update 1.06, fans have the ability to send their summoning sign to multiple areas in the Lands Between.

This is a huge quality of life improvement, and in theory, it should make it significantly easier to get into co-op games with other players.

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