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Elder Scrolls Online PTS Expands Custom Animations To Harvesting And Wayshrine Warping

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The Elder Scrolls Online's Firesong PTS has a new feature called customised actions that you can equip like any other cosmetic.

They're a little bit like Personalities in that they alter animations, but rather than making you moody, sassy, or a court jester, they let you summon birds to harvest nodes and call on Druid magic to warp.

As highlighted by ESO Hub, there are a few Druid-themed ones available to try right now in the PTS. These include the Druidstone Mine, Gyrfalcon Gather, Stonelore Split, and Recall of the Galen Winds.

Respectively, these replace the pickaxe with a stone hammer and matching sound effect, the normal harvesting animation with a Gyrfalcon bird who picks the resource for you, the woodcutting animation adds a green trail, and warping to wayshrines will transform it to a green aura.

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