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Elden Ring Fan Builds Walking Mausoleum Out of LEGO Bricks

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Earlier this year, Elden Ring hit shelves and digital storefronts across the world. As of this writing, the game is the fastest-selling Bandai Namco game of all time, having moved 13.4 million copies worldwide by March.

The game was also highly praised by critics and, like other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has quickly amassed a passionate fandom.Like FromSoftware's Dark Souls games, Elden Ring is famous for its high difficulty and depressing setting.

However, like Dark Souls, it's a game that fans cannot seem to get enough of. Since the game was released, fans have created their own art and tributes to the game.

One, for example, imagined what Elden Ring would look like if it crossed over with Warhammer 40K. Other tributes range from drawings to woodburn maps to keycaps.

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