NASA Earth asteroid

Earth escapes 380 metre asteroid just days after it was discovered by NASA

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Earth escaped a giant asteroid by a wafer thin margin! This giant asteroid, known as Asteroid 2022 OE2 was recently spotted by NASA for the first time and within a few days, it made its closest approach to the Earth.

The last minute discovery of the asteroid means that NASA or any space agency had virtually no time to deflect or destroy it if it had headed straight for Earth.

The asteroid passed at a distance of just 3.2 million miles away from the Earth. It is equal to 10 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Around 380 meters wide in diameter, this huge asteroid made its closest approach to Earth on August 4. It is one of the 15,000 Apollo-class asteroids, which orbit around the Sun in such a way that they cross our orbit.

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