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Early Version of Apex Legends' Rampage LMG Lit Enemies on Fire

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Apex Legends devs recently hosted an AMA on Reddit, with one being asked what the wildest weapons the team ever tested were, and this revealed an interesting detail about the Rampage LMG.

As many know, the Rampage is a unique weapon in Apex Legends because it can be charged with a thermite that increases its fire rate, lets it knock down doors, and more.

Its role as a heavy ammo-using LMG is also at least partially why the Spitfire now uses light ammo in the game.Either way, one Apex Legends senior weapons designer named Eric Canavese answered the aforementioned question with two weapons: a shotgun that could essentially bounce bullets and an LMG that would light enemies on fire, paint the ground with thermites, and more.Apex Legends Vantage Trick Can Save Teammate Banners From LavaThe Apex Legends shotgun, which clearly never made it into the game, was designed to be a «flushing out tool.» Canavese revealed that it could be shot into a room and these bullets would bounce everywhere, leading to a «pretty hectic couple of playtests.» Every bounce would see the pellet deal less damage, but the team decided it would be an unfair advantage because ultimately it means players were taking damage from enemies that cannot be seen, especially when it was used right.\Furthermore, one very early version of the Rampage LMG would light enemies on fire, and shooting the ground would create thermite trailers like the grenade.

Laying down thermite patches is an interesting concept, but according to Canavese, it gave Rampage LMG users too much area control.

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