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Does Modern Star Trek Media Uphold Gene Roddenberry’s Vision?

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2022 marks the year the Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would have turned 101, and though 30 years have passed since his death, it’s fair to say the legacy he created for himself is thriving.

Creators have not only added to his work over the last 50 years, but his franchise has cemented itself as one of the pillars of science fiction storytelling.

While he is considered the father of the utopian future, he was not always happy with the way his vision changed over the years, taking issue with various elements of The Next Generation.

Thus the question arises: how does modern Star Trek live up to Roddenberry’s vision?What is most interesting about this question is that it’s not looking into whether he would have liked the new shows, as the answer would most likely have been no.

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