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Did not like the iPhone 14 battery percentage indicator? iOS 16 update just did THIS

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iPhone 14 battery percentage icon was introduced by Apple recently after fervent appeals by fans over the years. However, it did not make too many people happy as there were certain changes made to the classic deign.

Now, Apple is rolling out another iOS 16 update in an attempt to please the fans. The new battery icon has been controversial due to its design changes as it shows a full battery icon with the percentage in numbers inside it.

Earlier, iPhones used to display the battery percentage indication in numbers next to the battery icon.But thanks to the latest release of iOS 16.1 beta 2, Apple has decided to change the design of the updated battery percentage indicator in the status bar.

As per a 9to5Mac report, the battery icon will no longer be shown as full, even when the battery percentage is less than 100 percent.

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