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"Devs do be smoking": Apex Legends players find the Kraber nerf absolutely ridiculous

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Since its introduction, Kraber has been a potent weapon in Apex Legends. Such has been its impact that players have even complained that the gun is quite overpowered.

Naturally, Respawn has decided to nerf the weapon to make things much more balanced. However, most of the Apex Legends player base thinks that the Kraber might have been nerfed way too much for their liking.Weapons becoming overpowered in Apex Legends isn't a new thing as they take place as a result of game design, as well as bugs.

Respawn has an effective method to treat such problems by vaulting the weapons, which they believe aren't working in a balanced fashion.

The developers have nerfed the Kraber to make it more in line with the remaining weapons. However, many fans feel that the rifle has lost its identity, and maybe a nerf wasn't required.The main post was made by Reddit user u/Flooded_Strand, who complained about the nerf that has been done to the damage capacity of Kraber.

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