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Destiny 2 hotfix full patch notes: AE changes, weapon reworks, Dead Man's Tale nerf, and more

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Destiny 2 Season 19's biggest mid-season patch is available on Bungie's official website, despite the servers currently being offline.

Players across the world can expect a complete shift in the meta ahead of Lightfall, as the company has made some significant changes to the game with the January 24 reset.The following article lists the full patch notes for hotfix, which includes plenty of changes to Airborne Effectiveness, weapon archetypes, Dead Man's Tale, and much more.Disclaimer: The patch notes in this article are based on Bungie's official website.I) SEASONALHeist BattlegroundsII) CRUCIBLEIII) GAMBITI) ARMORCitan's Ramparts:II) WEAPONSI) Submachine GunII) Pulse RifleIII) SidearmPrimary weaponsSpecial weaponsSniper Rifles and Slug ShotgunsDead MessengerDead Man's TaleI) ABILITIESIncreased the base cooldown time of the following class abilities by ~20%:Touch of Thunder - Storm Grenade:Poll : 0 votes Quick Links

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