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Destiny 2 god roll guide: Sailspy Pitchglass for PvE and PvP

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Seasonal weapons in Destiny 2 have been helping players change the meta with easily accessible gears. Running an activity or collecting seasonal currency is generally sufficient to get weapons from a specific season.

One such weapon comes in the form of a Linear Fusion Rifle called Sailspy Pitchglass.Recently, Heavy Linear Fusions have been a major topic of discussion due to the precision damage they can deal to endgame elites and bosses.

On top of this, the Sailspy Pitchglass is an Arc weapon, which synergizes extremely well with the new Arc 3.0 builds.The following article lists the best perk combinations with the Sailspy Pitchglass for Destiny 2 PvP and PvE.Disclaimer: This article is subjective and is solely the writer's opinion.The Sailspy Pitchglass is the newest addition to Guardians' inventories, which is obtainable via the Star Chart on HELM, seasonal Expedition, or Ketchcrash.

Like other Heavy weapons, Linear Fusions have been quite useful for most players.Be it Exotics or Legendaries, these weapon types fall under the low-risk high-damage category as players can easily deal high-precision damage without worrying about blowing themselves up.

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