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Destiny 2 Eververse store for the upcoming weekly reset (May 17)

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The last week of Destiny 2 Season of the Risen is just hours away, and players will have one last chance to farm seasonal gears.

Plenty of weapons and armor will be going away starting May 24, which makes the upcoming reset one of the most vital times to grind for gears that might prove useful with a subclass rework.Thankfully, Bungie will be giving a boost to rank gains in all three playlists, making players work for any gear or ritual weapon.

Typically, Eververse will also join in on the fun, as her shelf will bring in the last few introduced items from the Guardian Games.Most of the items she has brought in alongside the annual event have all been listed previously with a silver price tag.

However, Bungie has made most of them free to acquire, as Bright Dust can be earned by completing bounties and seasonal challenges.The upcoming reset will bring in the last step for the Medallion Batallion and Shoot to Score questline in the Guardian Games.

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