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Dead by Daylight PTB patch 6.2.0 official notes introduce The Mastermind, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers

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Dead by Daylight PTB patch 6.2.0 is finally live, and players can finally try out the fresh new content that has made its way to the survival game.

Players can now test out The Mastermind, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers during the PTB this month. They can even try out the special perks that all three will be dropping with.

Dead by Daylight fans looking for a detailed description of the patch can look up the official notes. However, for a brief overview, here are all the major highlights.New Killer - The MastermindNew Perk: Superior AnatomyNew Perk: Awakened AwarenessNew Perk: TerminusNew Survivor - Ada WongNew Perk: WiretapNew Perk: Reactive HealingNew Perk: Low ProfileNew Survivor - Rebecca ChambersNew Perk: Better Than NewNew Perk: ReassuranceNew Perk: HyperfocusNew Features: Streamer Options (PC Only)Anonymous ModeHide Your NameHide Other Player NamesHidden Matchmaking DelayImproved Feature: HUD Connection Indicators Ping is represented by a vertical bar iconPacket Loss is represented by a double-diamond iconA photosensitivity warning has been added to the boot sequence of the gameThe Racoon City Police Station map has been split into two separate layouts:Both maps feature new openings to make it easier than ever to navigate, wider hallways to improve gameplay, and are much smaller than the original version.Q.

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