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DC's Dinosaur Superman is An Even Greater Hero Than Kal-El

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Warning! Spoilers for The Jurassic League #1 DC Comics With the launch of DC Comics' new book of Justice League members as dinosaurs, it might look like a wild and crazy story on the surface, but it actually has a Superman that's far more heroic than his mainstream counterpart.

The concept behind The Jurassic League is fairly simple and straightforward. It takes characters from the main DC Universe and reimagines them as super dinosaurs.

The rules behind the universe are pretty flimsy. While the main characters are anthropomorphic dinosaurs, there are still normal non-speaking dinosaurs in the world, too.

Primitive humans exist in this universe, as well, and regularly speak with and interact with the more human-like dinosaurs. There's a Jokerzard, Black Mantasaurus, and even a Wonderdon.

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