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DC's Dinosaur Batman Needs To Make a Huge Change to His Origin

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Warning: contains spoilers for Jurassic League #2! DC's dinosaur version of the Justice League includes many dinosaur versions of the company's famous superheroes, but Batman's dinosaur counterpart requires a massive change to his Batman origins.

Released in 2022, the miniseries chronicles the lives of multiple dinosaurs as they band together to face a common threat. Jurassic League #2 begins with Batman, here called Batsaur, as he desperately tries to avoid a «small beast»: a human who incessantly tags along with the Dark Knight, though he is not nearly as dark as his mainline human version.

In DC's Jurassic League series, the entire world is populated by intelligent dinosaurs who think and talk like humans. There are no cities or advanced tools to speak of, but some characters wear clothes or paint emblems on their chest, such as the dinosaur Superman variant, Supersaur.

While Supersaur protects villages of primitive humans (he was also adopted by two when his ship crash-landed on Earth), some dinosaurs like Jokerzard seek to hurt and even kill the «small beasts», thus forcing heroes like Supersaur, Batsaur and Wonderdon to band together.

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