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Conan the Barbarian and Marvel Comics will apparently part ways in July

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It seems the end of an era is at hand as Conan the Barbarian is once again leaving Marvel Comics, with the license presumably returning to owners Conan Properties.

Marvel originally began publishing Conan comics in the '70s, though that license expired in the '90s. Marvel picked up Conan's comic book license again, with new publications starting in 2019.

Now it appears that Marvel's Conan license is expiring again - though the publisher is couching the announcement in somewhat vague terms. "This July, Jason Aaron’s epic King Conan #6 will mark the end of Marvel Comics' new adventures into the Hyborian Age," reads Marvel's announcement, which does not specifically state outright that Marvel's license to publish new comic books about the character is expiring, however that's the most straightforward interpretation of Marvel's press release.

King Conan #6 was originally scheduled for release in May, but will now go on sale on July 6. Technically, this means that King Conan #6 actually won't be Conan's final Marvel Comics appearance after all (assuming there are no more scheduling changes), as July 13's Savage Avengers #3 will include Conan in its cast as per the issue's solicitation text.

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