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Climate Crisis Chronicles tells true stories of climate change in comic form

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Comic book publisher AWA is bringing awareness to the growing climate crisis facing the globe through a comic book one-shot titled Climate Crisis Chronicles, which will tell ten true stories of people on the "front lines" of the climate crisis.

Written by Ethan Sacks with art from Dalibor Talajić, Climate Crisis Chronicles tells ten tales from around the world, all with a focus on the impact the changing climate has on human life and the efforts to deal with those changes. "Our goal with Climate Crisis Chronicles was to use the comic book medium to tell the stories of real-life heroes at the forefront of the most important battle of all time," says Ethan Sacks, in the announcement. "These forces changing all life on this planet can either feel overwhelming or abstract sometimes, so artist Dalibor Talajić and I set out to document the consequences at a very human and very personal level." "These ten chapters spotlight people from across the world either engaged in fighting the effects of climate change here and now, or fighting for a better future," he concludes.

Here's a gallery of images from the first chapter: Sacks and Talajić previously created the similar 2020 anthology one-shot COVID Chronicles, which told the stories of workers fighting against the global COVID health crisis.

AWA has teamed up with THINK, NBC News' section for "opinion, analysis, and essays" to release Climate Crisis Chronicles digitally, with the first chapter in the anthology one-shot currently available through their website.

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