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Can Berserk Go on Without Kentaro Miura?

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They say that stories are not about the destination, but about the journey. Even so, when a journey has been as long as Berserk, it’s hard to not crave some form of conclusion to help make sense of it all.Berserk has an unshakable spot in the anime/manga hall of fame along with One Piece, Dragon Ball etc.

The influential dark fantasy manga series has been in publication since 1989, and in that time has permanently changed the course of not just anime and manga, but of media as a whole.

Tragically, for over a decade, the series was plagued by unpredictable hiatuses and much uncertainty around its future. With the death of its creator Kentaro Muira in May of 2021, Berserk has entered an even more uncertain state, and fans have been left wondering if they will ever see Guts’ story for another chapter, let alone a full ending.The Strongest Characters In BerserkBorn in July of 1966, Kentaro Muira showed signs of a unique flair for manga very early on.

He was only 10 years old when he created his first manga, Miuranger, which appeared in a school publication. It’s easy to think that nobody that age would be overly dedicated to what could just be a hobby, but Miura went on to write 40 volumes of this manga.

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