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Call of Duty Warzone: Best sniper loadout for Swiss K31 in Season 4 Reloaded

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After being out of the Call of Duty Warzone weapon meta since the start of Season 3, the Swiss K31 is slowly making a comeback due to the buffs it has received in the Season 4 Reloaded patch.The recent July 28 update of Call of Duty Warzone has caused some drastic changes to the sniper meta of the game.

One of the major highlights of this rebalancing update has been the max damage range buff to a significant number of sniper rifles in the game.The fan-favorite Swiss K31 was among the sniper rifles that received this buff and the max damage range of this aggressive sniper has been increased from 42 meters to 57 meters.

As such, this powerful mid-to-long-range rifle is once again viable in the hands of players who have an aptitude for aggressive sniping.Despite receiving the max damage range buff, operators in Call of Duty Warzone have to keep in mind that the Swiss K31 is still not quite feasible for Caldera.

Normal long-range engagements in Caldera happen over a distance of 100 meters, and as such, there are many other better options like the 3-Line Rifle, ZRG 20mm, and the HDR, all of which will perform significantly better on that map.However, the Swiss K31 can definitely outperform most in its category in smaller maps like Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island.

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