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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release in late October

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Modern Warfare 2, which is like the old Modern Warfare 2 but not completely, will ship this October. To announce this, publisher Activision painted up ship in a bizarre video clip shared on Twitter.

I understand the connection: ship and ship date, get it? But still, you’d half expect someone would just come out and say that there’s a release date for Modern Warfare 2 without the pomp.

Then again, this might be why I’m not in marketing. To steer the ship back to port, Modern Warfare 2 has a release date for October 28.

The video itself, with wide-angle drone shots of characters from the game, doesn’t dare offer up many story details. We know that Modern Warfare 2 is a soft remake of the 2009 original, featuring many of the same faces.

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