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Bungie hits back with $7.6 million lawsuit against a Destiny 2 YouTuber for fraudulent DMCA takedowns

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A few months ago, the Destiny 2 community was hit with a storm of DMCA takedowns, with several prominent YouTube content creators getting strikes.

Famous content creators such as My Name is Byf and Aztecross got strikes on their videos, which put their respective channels at risk of getting permanently banned for no reason whatsoever.The entire community started theorizing about Sony's involvement in this, as the incident occurred just a couple of months after Sony acquired Bungie.

However, the company came forward to address the issue, assuring everyone that they had no involvement in the takedowns. They also mentioned that some of their own videos were taken down in the process.A third party was later confirmed to have been involved, and Bungie sued anyone involved with fraudulent takedowns with $150,000 for each violation.

Today, the company unmasked the person responsible for the takedowns.As it turns out, the one behind all the fraudulent takedowns was a small YouTuber called Lord Nazo.

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